Tiki Caliente/Caliente Tropics Coffee Mug Set Delivered

Tiki Caliente/Caliente Tropics Coffee Mug Set

Shipping in the U.S. Only

Waking up after a festive night at your favorite tiki bar (or tiki event) has now become a lot more tolerable, as well as fashionable, with Tiki Caliente’s first-edition coffee mug. We’ve never offered coffee mugs before, but due to popular demand and ingenious thinking, it’s about time. The two-sided design commemorates this year’s Tiki Caliente event AND the fiftieth anniversary of the Caliente Tropics hotel, making these truly collectible. These sturdy beauties are made of quality ceramic and hold a realistic, human amount (fifteen whopping ounces) of your favorite caffeinated jump-starter. The set has been designed in soothing colors, as to not to jar your sleepy eyeballs, and will enhance the rich color of your nonfat Tiki Calientemochaccinolatte. (Just add rum.) These mugs are available now for extremely reasonable price of $37.00 (Shipping included) per set, and only 12 sets remaining of the 75 produced for the event. Imagine the looks of admiration from your co-workers as you sidle up to the coffee machine holding this mug. “Stand aside, people, I need to fill my exclusive Tiki Caliente mug with a hot cup of awesome!” Oh yeah. You need these.


Internet Sales are Now Over.

Internet Sales are Now Over.
This is a Private Event from 6p.m-10a.m. wristbands are required.
Wristbands are required for all room parties,use of pool and lounge chairs as well.
Please be respectful to the paying individuals including the event organizer. We appreciate no last minute phone calls or emails since we are now participating in the event which is about relaxing and serving the guest who booked with us…Thank You.

If you are interested in joining our event you can do the following.
1) We are open to the public from 10-6p.m. for vendors and bar
2) Bring $100 cash to buy a weekend wristband.

Thank You and have a great weekend