Back to the Caliente Tropics for the 50th Anniversary

People of Caliente:

We are very excited about returning Tiki Caliente to its original home at the Caliente Tropics hotel. Apparently, so are you. Several weeks ago, as a courtesy, we sent emails to those who booked on-site rooms with us last year, and we had an immediate and thunderous response. This announcement is to let you know that the rooms at our host hotel, the Caliente Tropics, have SOLD OUT for Tiki Caliente 7. Before you say, “Awww, man!”, DO NOT DESPAIR, as we have really excellent news for you that will solve everything and make you Tiki-happy. First of all, even though we knew this hotel would sell out fast (as the Caliente Tropics does not have as many rooms as The Curve hotel — where we have held Tiki Caliente for the past several years), we felt going back to our Tiki roots was worth it, and we know you do, too. Here’s the news you’re going to like: On January 31st, we will inform you of the other walking-distance hotels that will welcome you with equal aloha during Tiki Caliente 7. Not only that, on this date you will also be able to purchase your weekend wristbands (here’s the awesome part) THAT WILL ALSO GIVE YOU FULL ACCESS AND USE OF THE CALIENTE TROPICS POOL DURING TIKI CALIENTE 7! This means that, even if you’re staying nearby, you will be able to enjoy all of the special perks of staying on ground. We know how important being able to swim and play with your Caliente ohana is to you, so we are happy to make this fun possible for everyone this year. See? All better.

On January 31st, you will also be able to order your highly-collectable, limited-edition Tiki Caliente 7 mug, at our special pre-order price. This will be another stunning piece of functional art created by Doug Horne and Eekum Bookum. (Stay tuned for photos and price.)

As we have said before, we do not want to be the biggest Tiki event, merely the best. Therefore, we are limiting our wristband sales to 450 maximum this year, due to make sure all of you will enjoy Tiki Caliente 7 in comfort at the beautiful Caliente Tropics.

Mahalo for your support. We look forward to entertaining you.

Rory “Wildsville Man” Snyder

Photo by: Kari HendlerIMG_1415